Picnic Bag Cutlery Content


Picnic bag usually with some cutlery, the basic is knives, spoons, forks, corkscrew, cheese knife, 

glasses, plates, salt-pepper, chopping board, napkins,some will with tablecloth

There are most 2 person picnic bag and 4 person picnic backpack, 

some with have 3set cutlery to make a family picnic bag.

Picnic BagPicnic Bag Cutlery

Knives, Spoons, Forks, Corkscrew, Sheese knife; Usually use the plastic handle, but also with some wood handle

Picnic BackpackPicnic Bag

There are kinds of glasses, below three shape are often used

Picnic Bag CutleryPicnic BackpackPicnic Bag

Salt-pepper bottles, could be plastic material or matel material

Picnic Bag CutleryPicnic Backpack

Chopping board, one is wood board, one is plastic board

Picnic BagPicnic Bag Cutlery

Plates is popular used as round shape, there could with different pattern on plate when quantity is large

Picnic Backpack

Napkins could with different color design, or pattern design when quantity is large

Picnic Bag

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