Daysun Hangzhou Team Trip


With a hard work in 2018, Daysun guys have a great harvest last year, Diaper bag, picnic bag, travel items 

are in good selling, so in 2019, Daysun team got the travel funds which could spend for a trip.

Daysun Hangzhou Trip

A relexed and happy trip started on 17th May, there was a heavy when we were getting to the Airport,

but so lucky we are, the rain stop when the departure time is closing.

Though several guys was wet in the airport, but everyone is with a good mood, and look forward to this trip.

Everyone begin to take photos to keep this treasure memory.

Daysun Activity

Wuzhen and Xitang are typically village of Jiangnan, they keep the old house from Qing Dynastic, 

even longer. 

Wuzhen is also famous with Wuzhen Theater Festival, every year, thousands of people

who likes theater much will come here for watching kinds of drama, also many youngers will apply 

to give a show in Wuzhen.

Xitang is with more local people, people live here, opening some restaurant, some souvenir store.

Both villages is full of an atmosphere of slow spee, which is much different with city life. 

Daysun team

Daysun Hangzhou Trip

When we arrive at these place, we feel relexed, and didn't feel nervous about work.

We work hard during working time, but also need relexed time to make the life balance, 

with a healthy body and great mood, the work will be finished efficiently.

DAYSUN guys know these well, so everyone play well during whole trip, do a small talk with colleagues,

take photos together, walking slowly together, to see the new environment, relexed and happy.

Daysun Activity

We are a team, we spend more than eight hours to stay together during working days,

and also contact during weekends, we are a big family, play together, see beautiful scene together,

eat delicious food together, we have same goal, to give a best service to customer, and provide 

high quality products to customer, Daysun guys keep that in mind, play well, work well.

Daysun teamDaysun Hangzhou Trip

Daysun Activity

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